Academic Writing

Penulis: Evi Karlina Ambarwati

Editor: Ana Maria Oktaviani

ISBN: dalam proses

Terbit: Mei 2024


Welcome to the “Academic Writing” course in the English Education Study Program. You will develop effective and high-quality academic writing skills in English. In the academic world, good writing skills are crucial because writing is one of the main ways to communicate, share knowledge, and effectively convey ideas to diverse audiences. This semester, you will explore various aspects of academic writing, from understanding the basic structure of academic writing, developing ideas, using references, to applying appropriate formal language style. You will learn how to organize thoughts systematically in the form of essays, papers, and other types of academic writing. Additionally, you will learn how to avoid plagiarism, use information sources wisely, and develop critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate various arguments. Through this course, it is expected that you will not only be able to produce clear, coherent, and logical writing but also understand the basic principles of writing according to academic standards. You will be given opportunities to practice and improve your writing skills through various assignments and exercises, as well as receive constructive feedback from lecturers and fellow students. We believe that through effort and dedication in following this course, you will become a more confident writer capable of producing writings that can inspire and influence the academic world and society at large. Welcome to the journey of developing high-quality academic writing skills. We hope you can make the most of this learning experience.  

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