Author : Afzal Sayed Munna; Avinash Pawar and Denok Sunarsi

Editor: Achmad Rozi

ISBN : 978-623-09-6398-8

Publish : Nopember, 6. 2023


E-Commerce is part of E-Business, where the scope of E-Business covers a wider aspect, not only from the commerce sector but also includes collaborating with business partners, customer service, job vacancies and others. In addition to the www network technology, E-Commerce also uses data-based technology (databases), electronic mail (e-mail), and various other forms of non-computer technology such as goods delivery systems, and payment instruments through the E-Commerce network.

This book discusses in detail about; Benefits and Risks of E-Commerce; e-Commerce and e-Business; e-Commerce Technology; Understanding of Webmasters; e-Commerce Strategy and Implementation; Electronic Money And Online Advertising; The World’s Largest E-Commerce Company; The Largest e-Commerce in Indonesia; e-Commerce infrastructure; e-Commerce Tips and Strategies; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chan Management (SCM); and e-Commerce Applications

It is hoped that this International E-commerce book will allow brands to be closer to their customers, thereby increasing productivity and competitiveness for companies.

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